Hajdúsági Museum’s Circle of Friends

Hajdúsági Museum’s Circle of Friends Public Association and Municipal Shooting Association

Since its foundation in 2003, our association has been actively operating. The main objective is the moral and financial support of the Hajdúsági Museum of Hajdúböszörmény. Our philosophy: ”Rather break than bend”. Our programmes are aimed at preserving our traditions, providing an opportunity for every age group to do sports, learn and experience our traditions. We are also committed to preserve the existing traditions, protect and conserve effectively our natural, ethnographic and local history-related relics and monuments, strengthen our sense of identity and transmit all these benefits to the young generations. The objective of the Haiduk Military School is keeping alive and propagating the memories and the military traditions of the Haiduk soldiers, with particular emphasis on the preservation of the weaponry and uniforms of the Infantry Battalion nos. 52 and 53 and those of the Bocskai Hussar Regiment no. 17, which fought in the War of Independence of 1848-49. In addition, military tournaments provide some exercise for the youth with the intention of encouraging them to take up a healthy lifestyle. The shows presented by the Haiduk Military School are always a great opportunity for children to learn more about military technology and equipment and to get into contact with historic firearms, these occasions, held most often in different educational institutions, offer an insight and children can easily get involved in the everyday life of public collections. We organize joint programmes with different units of the Hungarian Defence Forces, as well as, first-class sports activities, which lay the ground for the upcoming generations, we also manage to involve sponsors and acquire private income, as well. Our youth programmes and cultural events are unique and unavailable within other institutional forms, and facilitate the acquisition of historical and ethnographic knowledge that correspond to the school curriculum.


Representative: Gyula Szekeres (Chair of the Association)

Telephone: 00 36 52–229–038

Email: info@hajdusagimuzeum.hu

Address: 1 Kossuth Str. H-4220 Hajdúböszörmény, Hungary

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